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Teen aged siblings Jack and Livi Hawthorne have moved with their parents Scott and Susan to Colchester, England for the summer. Susan, as the last surviving heir to Lord Jonathan William Augustus Hollingsworth, IV has inherited his ancestral home, long vacant after his mysterious disappearance in 1896. Prominent in the manor’s library is a massive grandfather clock, which was constructed by Lord Hollingsworth. Unbeknownst to anyone, that clock serves as accesses to a special portal. Not only did Hollingsworth develop a talent for constructing timepieces, but also a passion for time travel. With inspiration and help from leading scientist and literary figures of the late 19th century, Hollingsworth constructed a time travel portal. It is not until Livi discovers Augustus' hidden study that the secret of the grandfather clock is revealed.
            Jack and Livi are determined to explore the clock and the secret within. They devise a mechanism by which to gain access into the clock and its mysteries. Upon successfully entering, the teens meet up with Hollingsworth in the virtual world of the clock for adventures and perils in time travel. Along the way the time travelers encounter iconic landmarks, historic figures and the most nefarious villain of 17th century England. Perhaps more importantly, Livi and her younger brother Jack develop a bond that they had not had before their sojourns as Jack morphs from a confused adolescent into a brave and confident young man.