Jack Dawson as Yesterman returns. Intelligence has discovered that the Russians can travel back in time and they have concocted a dubious scheme. When the president is informed of the Russian plot and learns for the first time of Project Yesterman, the CIA’s secret time travel program, he orders Jack to travel back to World War II before the outcome of the war is changed forever.
In 1943, Ally-trained Norwegian saboteurs succeeded in destroying a heavy water production facility key to the development of Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb. The Russians’ plan is to prevent that sabotage, thus allowing the Germans to produce an atomic bomb which the Russians will then confiscate and use to their own nefarious ends. The mission of Jack and the Yesterman team is to ensure that the sabotage takes place successfully. There’s a catch. Jack needs help but his ability to survive time travel stems from a unique genetic makeup that he alone possesses. But does he? Jack's parents were CIA agents who underwent genetic enhancement before ultimately being assassinated. They are the only ones who can possibly travel back in time with him. He must somehow recruit them to his mission without them knowing that he is their son.
Can Jack work with his parents to preserve his present without revealing his identity? Will he risk the future in the hopes of ultimately preventing their deaths? As they race to ensure the future remains as is, Jack must decide if he will once again disregard the laws of time.