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Jack Dawson is an extraordinary man having survived the traumatic loss of his parents in childhood with the help of his adoptive family. He has come to be a rising star in the investment banking industry when tragedy strikes yet again. Jack’s beautiful young wife is murdered. To escape the painful memories of his marital home, Jack moves to a warehouse apartment in the historic district of San Francisco. His landlord, Steve Oberman, uses the downstairs warehouse space to secretly continue working on a CIA project that for political reasons was scrapped by the President.
Through incidental circumstance, Jack becomes involved in the project, the result of which is his ability to travel back in time. Realizing this ability, he sets his goal to go back far enough in time to prevent the murder of his wife. In this pursuit Jack finds that he has the ability to right other wrongs and thus becomes Yesterman, a reluctant superhero, who does just that.
Through the course of his time travels, Jack, Steve and their team of scientist discover that Jack (Yesterman) is a genetically superior being, one that has been targeted by an assassin of the Chechen mafia in a twist of old cold war geopolitical intrigue.
Action and adventure follow Jack in his quest to be reunited with his beloved wife and pursue his calling as Yesterman.